Weekend Trip to Penang

Had a fun trip to Penang with Mom and the future “Mrs” over the weekend :) On the drive up with stopped in Ipoh for my favourite Curry Mee and the original IPOH White Coffee.

The Curry Mee comes with a side of mixed pork and ipoh tougeh (big fat bean sprouts!) What everyone needs for a long drive up to Penang ;)

Once we got to Penang. We checked-in into our hotel and headed out for lunch at Fort Cornwallis where the food court there serves a fantastic Mee Goreng Sotong. Pretty awesome if you are a Mee Goreng fan.

A Coconut Milkshake and Ice Kacang later, we headed to Indian Street to check out the selections of Indian Sarees and Veshti.

On the way back to the hotel, we came across a stall by the road that was serving burgers. What caught my eye was the bright colours of Red. Something told me that I just had to try it. The “Mrs” bought 3 kinds of burgers (you got to love her) to try and these were the size of your palm. They were chicken, beef and lamb. All pretty good but we agreed that the lamb burger was the best.

Dinner time fast approached so we headed into town to the food stalls. Down the road at Jalan Macalister, we stopped at a great food court to pack back food. I ordered the Fried Kuey Teow with extra ingrediants while the “Mrs” ordered the roasted chicken and ikan bakar.

We then took a drive to Gurney Drive Food Court to get the popular Oyster Omelette. This omelette is the best I’ve tasted. I have to wait in line for 10mins before I picked up my order. The style in which it is prepared is so different compared to your traditional Oyster Omelette. A must try if you’re ever at Gurney Drive.

The next morning, we headed for Dim Sum on Macalister Road where we ate until we could not eat anymore. The selection though not aplenty, but it was very tasty.

There were more dishes but just forgot to take pictures of them. Too busy eating :P

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